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#348372 - i forgot what the message said but, eventual a few weeks later we got together, and he climbed over the fence to my window, i opened it letting him in, he started kissing me, my first kiss. fingering me as well then he moved me on top of him, i kissed his neck moving my hand down to his cock, it wasn't big only like 5 inches, i squeezed moving my hand up and down, he kept telling me to squeeze as hard as i could, i did my hand felt like it was going to fall off, the he asked me if i was ready, i said yes, all i could feel was pain, like nothing i had ever felt before, it was horrible, but i pushed myself down hard taking him all in, he said that if i kept moving the pain would go away, i moved myself up and down and eventually it started getting better, felling really good, he went faster and faster, i moaned at the top of my lungs, he held his hands over my mouth drilling me, i was getting the most incredible feeling ever then i climaxed, i collapsed on his chest, breathing ha

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