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#282165 - I didn't care that they had no covers; the interior – articles, of course – were far more titillating. I then tried to tidy up the bathroom, but it was hopeless; compacts and eyeliners and myriad esoteric stuff (to a 13-year-old boy) was mangled and smeared everywhere – counters, mirror, walls. For one, this may have been the first time I'd found and read dirty magazines – I don't remember the exact order of events – but I found others, including my dad's stash and some in a dilapidated cabin my friends and I used as a 'fort', as well as a huge pile that were tossed into the dumpster by the hotel I worked for as a busboy/dishwasher (I realize now they were unsold; the covers were torn off to be returned for credit).

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Hideki nishimura
She gets stuck everywhere lmao