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#45332 -   When we began finaly we all made our own rules that we will not do  ok every one since I'm sure every one dosent want to do some stuff we all can have one rule write it down and give it to me and I'll read the mout loud Every one said ok ok my rule is no guy on guy it looks like Morgan and Spencer also wrote no guy on guy katies rule is no one touches my ass Brooke and Shania's rules are no masturbating with a pole or stick of any kind  and finally Bailey's rule is I will not masturbate in front of every one ok since every one made there's rules every on can have one thing to break one persons rule and if some one trys to break your rule you have one thing to protect it but as a added bonus every one gets all the same sex do the dare and every one knows that duble dare can be one of two things two dares or one dare for two people for example it could be like I dare you to run around screaming and when your done slap your ass or it

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