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#332026 - of this, I felt a warm mouth on my left tit, then another on my right, the 2 girls were sucking my tits and licking the cum off me, one of them moved up and sat on my face so I could clean her soft pussy, then the other girl took her place on my face to be cleaned , after cleaning them I watched as they both started fucking again, the young guy asked if he could fuck my ass, so we walked over to the woods again he had me lay down and lubed my ass, he took his time and was gentle with me as he filled my ass with cum. He turned me around I felt his cock on my ass, and back as he pushed me to my knees, I saw 2 more guy stroking there cocks, the first one walked over to me, I reached out for his cock and took hold of it, I pushed the foreskin back an took him in my mouth, he didn’t last long and emptied his balls in my mouth in a couple of minutes, the next guy took his place fucking my mouth until he pulled out and shot his load on my face and tits, as he moved I saw at least 8 more g

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