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#21523 - Suddenly you feel a presence beside you and glance up at Mike standing in front of you both with his trousers off and his hard erect cock in his hand stroking it slowly, you grin and nudge Sarah who jerks her head up opening her eyes remembering his presence for the first time, again she gasps but this time there’s an almost animal growl mixed in on seeing him stroking over you both. Falling forward on to Mike you can’t stop him pulling you closer and sucking your hard nipples biting and pulling them harder and harder. Before he can lose control you pull away pushing him back with a hand making him lay down, you move and straddle his waist staring at him as you lower yourself down on to his hard cock, feeling the tip touch your burning wet pussy you stop for a second and hear him moan louder as he feels your juices begin to run down it and coat his cock.

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Her tits are pretty and they bounce so nicely not to shortchange her she is a beutiful woman all the way around
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