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#122290 - Hearing this actually had me worried he was going to break me in two. After that I felt his he's pressure my tight hole I could feel the heat from him and it made me want it so bad then it entered ahhhh is all I could say as it entered once his head was in he knew he had me I felt him grab my hips tight and reposition his body then he tightened and shoved his hips thrusting every inch into my hole I felt his balls hit my gooch area and I was I shock I was shaking I screamed holy shit daddy your Dick is Hugh he drew his cock out and shoved it in again it was so painful I couldn't bear it I was just trying to hold on he kept picking up the pase and I could feel the cocking so deep I was moaning I pleasure now the pain wasn't nothing I even thrust backwards a couple times and he said yeah bitch take my cock I'm going to power top you and yiu going to learn how to take this dick I said yes daddy then he asked me to get on top and ride me I said ok and he pulled out I a

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Minoru shiraishi
Excellent more deepthroat and throatpies please thank you
Swan white
Such a beautiful vagina
Ilya ornstein
He really looks like deontary wilder
Kaori fujimiya
I would marry this woman