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#11173 - Now class flush out his intestines as these tubes will be needed for the black pudding casing, even all of his internal organs heart, liver, kidneys and lungs can also be removed for other meal dishes then he will be spitted she instructed. Ok Garry please I want swallow your cum as Ben's mouth filled with Garry's warm thick tasty semen at that Garry filled Ben's mouth with more of his semen Ben then swallowed his tasty meal as he rolled Garry onto his stomach parting his butt cheeks then pushing his hard penis deep into Garry's anus deeper as then began thrusting hard until Garry began screaming Oh God I'm cumming Garry felt Ben's warm semen enter and and fill his body as Ben was sucking the left over cum from Garry arse God pity I'm not going be around to feast on you beautiful cooked flesh Garry but I hope yo enjoy me he told Garry How you want cook me Garry Ben asked Best spit roasted alive, guts and all was Garrys reply to Ben

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Sumika kagami
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Seolla schweizer
This bitch probably is dead