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#239761 - the best kind. Trudi gasped that she was going to cum, which turned Seb on even more, made him pummel Holly with all his might, holding her hips hard and fucking her like she had never felt before, Trudi started cumming, her juices exploding, her his unvoluntarily out of control, bucking and pushing and trying to pull away she tried so hard to control the sound however a few squeaks escaped, watching this made Seb dump his load, oh this tight little pussy could handle him so good, he was fucking Holly so hard that she came at the same time as him, they collapsed all together, in this little curtained fitting room, panting, but oh so satisfied. Holly was blown away by the beauty of Trudi and how incredibly turned on she obviously was, it was warm in this Boutique, but Trudies nipples stood at attention, Holly was getting wet at the thought.

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