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#225214 - for the next hour we drank some more beer and shared military stories i would eventually find myself sitting next to her on the bed So then Marshal has got the sheep in a headlock i'm still trying to reheat the brand and it keeps pissing and shitting all over him and he shouts Bonnie i don't mean to be in rush but this sheep is going to tap out before you even a chance to tap in we shared hardy laugh i brought myself close to her and our cheeks touched and my hand landed on hers. Yes please, nice digs you got here but isn't this your dads room? i pondered as i opened my beer, she sat down across from me on the bed and crossed her legs ever since i joined the crew, dad sleeps in a hammock in the storage deck. then i cleaned up the cuts on my knuckles and face and stitched a nasty gash on my eyebrow.

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