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#5202 - I love it just wish I had the video camera with me lesson learned although truth be told the old video cameras were large so it would have been difficult and you needed lights to get a clear picture. I looked around could not find Toni asked the bartender and he said she is seated right there and I ordered a drink and took a seat at the table soon Toni showed up gives me a sexy kiss and rubs her wet fingers all over my lips she says you know what I was doing with those and tells me that one of the girls in the ladies room heard her in the parking lot she said it sounded hot and next time invite her so she told me that she invited her to meet us tonight here for drinks or later at our restaurant for breakfast and we could talk more about it she said that she agreed her name was Lynn. We stayed for a few hours danced a bit talked to friends Lynn came by said hello she said we should meet for breakfast so we could talk more privately we all knew too many people there so we met later at

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Mikan tsumiki
Con el de la rueda de la fortuna estaba a tope con este me muero