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#347993 - We spent the night together just holding each other, I stirred when she got up and was vaguely aware of her moving around the room, she kissed my cheek and whispered Goodbye. the need in her voice was incredibly stimulating, I slowly slid a finger into her, as it eased inside a small amount of liquid oozed out, I caught it on my fingers and let it drop onto her lips, she sucked it in and ran her tongue over her lips removing the final traces, I eased the tip of my finger into her again, more of our mixed juices escaped from her, again I let them drop onto her lips, this time I let her suck my fingers clean, I positioned myself between her legs put my mouth up to her pussy and opened her lips, ready to catch the fluid that escaped on my tongue, an odd, though not unpleasant, taste spread across my tongue, when I had enough in my mouth I moved back up over her body kissed her and pushed the contents into her mouth, her tongue greedily accepted my offering then searched my mouth for

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Souma asuka
She is cute but i say way too thin
Emma sheen
Damn i would love for her to sit on my face