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#310656 - Thinh whimpered into my mouth, pressing me even harder against the door, until senses returned and we both seemed to acknowledge that as exciting as these moments were, it was dangerous to continue this here and now. I began kissing her lightly on the neck and cheeks, bringing her down, and a little nibble on her ear to bring her up…then I pulled away as far as the door would allow and she slipped off; but I was ramrod hard, and she wanted to climb straight back on! “Vang” I spoke strongly “We have to go back to the others…you are magnificent, em, but we have to go back now…” I left the words hanging while easing her away, and she reluctantly stepped back, even bending down to pull up my pants, but not without slipping her mouth over my cock on the way down…”Vang! You have to stop, at least for now em…” I left that hanging in the air also, hoping that giving her some hope we weren’t finished could at least engender the idea that we must finish now. “Anh, I hoped, but I didn’t exp

Read Gay Doctor Junboku Shoujo Kousokukan - Original Aunt Junboku Shoujo Kousokukan

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Kyousuke hyoubu
Good girl you took it like a champ
Wooahhhhhhhh i like your hearts see you soon xx
Momoko suou
Thats sooo hot