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#175189 - I decided to take on the goddess of chaos DracMorair: I'm The Historian, caretaker of the library DracMorair: Well let me know what the Great Library can do for you to study your enemy Acatalepsy: thank you :) Acatalepsy: you sound very well versed DracMorair: Story Teller for Vtm Vampires: the masqurade Table top for 20 years DracMorair: I better be ;) Acatalepsy: haha touche!!! i can defintely apperciate that DracMorair: Also BIOSH0CK: that always helps lol. Acatalepsy: its hard to find good RP'ers around Acatalepsy: now Acatalepsy: since it died out a few years ago BIOSH0CK: yea. i stopped for a bit cause of the metagaming and godmodding.

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