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#321400 - Just then i heard Allison scream in pain, I was at the back end of both of them watching this huge dog cock slamming into my wife's pussy and just disappearing and he pushed harder, i jumped up and went to see if she was ok and she looked at me with the biggest grin and said he has his Knot in me, my god i feel so full of cock she said. Kong was getting more frisky by the second as Allison was tugging at his cock, then Kong lunged forward at my wife and she quickly turned around and laid back on the Coffee table, Allison presented herself to him with her pussy, she looked at me and said this is going to be fun, Kong then proceeded to wrap his front legs around my wife's hips and stated to drag her body to him, Allison was holding on to the end of the coffee table so she could support herself and Kong was dragging both her and the table to him.

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Koyomi araragi
Agreed but the hentai was nice tho
I wish i had a cock like this is very hot my cock too big even too big is not good what do you think a cock like this for me it would be perfect it is a nomal size cock most men are like that and many women like it
Shizuha aki
I think it would be more fun if they were sharing my dick i would love to eat and fuck them both
Aki rosenthal
What did she say her name was