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#5564 - Waking Anna lies in bed trying to decide what to do, she now knows she will not be able to just throw the book away, it has a hold on her she can’t understand. Again both men cum almost together, filling Anna’s pussy and mouth to overflowing, Anna swallows all she can as she feels the other man’s cum flood out of her tortured pussy and down her thighs. Slowly the dog slips off the other woman and sits licking the woman’s juices off its balls and shaft, with a grunt it rises and walks from the room through the still open door, both women lay on the floor crying when suddenly the world shifts again and both pass out through the dizziness, waking together the women look at each other’s face seeing the horror of what they have shared mirrored in each other’s eyes, moving together they hold each other as they shake violently until they’re able to move.

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Saruhiko fushimi
Reminds me of my boyfriend haha
Name of the girl with black clothes please
I want to be fucked hard