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#345170 - it made him so hard and so aroused when he heard the 'squishing' sound the guy's empty penis made as it kept ramming deep inside me, he could barely wait and said he needed to take his turn and fuck me too, before he came in his hand! When hubby began his turn and, as soon as his cock was buried all the way inside me, he also tensed up, started moaning, and cum gushed from his cock too! We stopped and began getting dressed, but my husband remained so aroused and so hard, he had to relieve himself again! He lowered his slacks for the second time, lifted my skirt, then slid my panties aside and guided his cock into me from behind! While our new friend watched, my husband slammed it in and out of me again; this time for several minutes! When he started panting and tensing again, I knew it was a first for us! I had made him cum twice in a row! Since then, we often talk about how much more aroused we get when I act like a slut, how incredible our own relationship is, and we

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Hella fine for some bbc
Holy fuck i thought i was the only one who s pissed
This is so good mama
Youmu konpaku
Nice lucky guy