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#327113 - I was a bit shocked by what I was hearing, but what amazed me more was the fact my cock was near fully erect, I turned away and went back to my room. She stepped down and moved towards the chair, as she got up on the chair she slipped off her blouse and bra allowing me to see the fullness of her magnificent tits, she bent over the back of the chair and knelt on the arms so her legs were wide apart, I walked up behind her and bent forward to whisper into he ear ‘You said earlier that you wanted to fuck my brains out, and that I could do what ever I wanted, well first I want to hear you tell me what you want’ she moaned as I lightly brushed my finger across her arsehole and down across her swollen fanny lips, which were now quite wet. My cock was rock solid now and bursting my boxers ‘Right, you want to see my cock’ ‘Yes’ she breathed ‘Oh yes’ ‘You can only see my cock if you promise to suck it and lick my balls, is that a deal’ ‘Yes’ she mumbled, still squeezing those big tits.

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Ay que lindo es el amor