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#388343 - Story: Early one summer Saturday morning, after five hard work days, a physically fit black father (nearly 40) awakens, holds towel around waist as walks down hall to bathroom, when 18 year old white daughter sleepily stumbles from her bedroom, holding towel around her blossoming body (she'd been out until after midnight, partying with friends, new to covertly indulging in alcohol socially). In recent days she doubted her cute little cunt could accommodate prominent penis as prodigious as Pa-Pa’s; now she ponders if her puckered rectum possibly pliable enough also; and if promiscuous play proves prolific prologue for own parenting (suckling siblings?). Daughter's sexual urges push her to try indirect approach on father.

Read Viet 一人前になるまえに Seduction 一人前になるまえに

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Shione togawa
Sembra la mia ragazza
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Fat ass
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Hell what a pair
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Oh they changed the title lol