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#370063 - Things started around six years ago, the PE huts was an old Arm barrack’s, the teachers room was between the boys and girls changing rooms, with a door to each, there wasn’t a shower for the teachers, so John would wait until the children had left and take his shower in the boys room, after one lesson the kids were changing when he heard scream from the girls, screams of terror and panic then his name was called, not thinking he dashed into the girls changing room, they were huddled together, as he entered they pointed over the other side of the room, “A rat, there’s a rat” John hadn’t took any notice of the naked girls, he grabbed a brush and went after the rat, it ran from him and across the floor, he went after it, the girls screamed as it ran towards them and dashed passed John, it ran into a small store room and as John opened the door he saw it dash out of a hole in the wall, he jammed the brush against it, telling himself to see the caretaking and have him patch it up. He ha

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Who want to teach me to ride him like that
My arm is absolutely fucked now everything is numb
Moka akashiya
Thank youu