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#165868 - I look in the window I had spike black hear and a 6 pack form walking from home to school with a tan and I hated it but most people would kill for this body but even I knew my attitude was bad and I knew I had nothing to complain about but I did just what to no be seen by people. And then I had made two friends at but they too had found new friends and only came bake when they hand to vent and to bad today the first fucking day of school this year they had to talk me and not to vent but to get close to my twin sister. As I walked past I heard a think you came my way god she was nice not like me she seemed to like people I hate them fun.

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Suou pavlichenko
3 10 at best
Katsushika hokusai
Love the red outfit
Washu hakubi
The term wiener hugs is new for me
Ririchiyo shirakiin
Good fucking