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#371391 - I roll you onto your back with your cock still deep inside me. Happy Birthday, Randy! I blurt out I know it's not your birthday YET, but I thought we could start celebrating early! I got the robe with you in mind! It is black but very sheer and you can clearly see I have nothing on underneath! You're not ready!! you say, sounding a little worried, but you pull me close and kiss me anyway! We have plenty of time, I'm all packed, it'll only take me a few minutes to get dressed! I breathe into your ear as I kiss your neck and slide my hand down your back and into the waistband of your pants, grabbing your bare ass and pulling you even closer, pushing my firm breasts hard against your chest, I kiss your mouth eagerly, teasing your tongue with mine, your hands pull the flimsy fabric of my robe apart and it drops to the floor around us.

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