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#333630 - While my eyes were closed, I suddenly felt her head pushing down hard against my body and when I opened my eyes, her friend was pushing her head down as hard as she could and talking under her breath while clinching her teeth and saying “suck it”!!! I put my hand on the back of her head (not knowing if it was going to get pushed away) and pushed Kathy’s head deep on my cock and all she did was pull my balls so fucking hard and I blew my load in her mouth and she did not miss a beat as she removed her mouth mid cum and stroked me really HARD AND FAST making me scream and her friend covered my mouth as they both watched me cum until a screamed through her hands to stop! Kathy, removed her hand and walked over to her friend and looked at me and said “we are not done, everyone needs to cum before I let you leave and I have not cum yet” She began to kiss her friend as they shared my cum. ” The biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders but instantly became nervous again when she

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