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#265053 - I never really consider persuing this more than my wife and I talking about my interest. and I have spent the last half a dozen or so years exploring different sexual scenarios,groups scenes , multiple couples several guys with her, several females with us and we had discussed a possible bi guy action kind of deal but honestly as curious as I was I never reallyu figured to get any farther than talking about it. I was then informed that Mike would be spending the weekend with us as his apartment was being painted and needed a place to crash, replying that was fine, I asked him if he would like a beer,sure he replied, as he went to get one for all of us my wife was grinning ear to ear, not knowing what was up I just assumed it was after glow from getting a very good fuck from this young stud, she patted the sofa where Mike had been setting and as I approached she reached for my fly and released my cock as I sat down shw leaned over and took the head of my cock into her hot mouth and beg

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Fate riaffiorrare delle sensazioni primordiali strane e sconvolgenti bravi