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#290827 - I needed to get to her, I had to stop them from having sex together no matter what it took; I got dressed and called a cab over to john's house as fast as I could; I got there 10 minutes later and had a hole in my gut that screamed that I was too late, that my girlfriend was cheating on me and fucking my mate and he had aready shot his load of hot cum in her belly, maybe even more than once!!!! I was also rock hard and turned on by the idea that it took a huge effort to walk around the back garden and into the house without getting my dick out and wanking myself silly to images of them fucking, of my mates dick inside my girlfriend!!! I got to the bottom of the stairs and my world fell apart around me as I heard the unmistakable sounds of a couple fooling around, of my babe cheating on me just up the stairs with my friend. My dick was straining against my jeans as I approached his bedroom door; sneaking forward just enough to see inside: She still had her dress on! His hand w

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