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#157810 - is that a camera, oh I get it you sick fuck, did the guys put you up to this, you were going to spy on us showering, how fucking desperate” “no” Matt managed desperately trying to defend himself “it was just for me, I was going to put it in the toilet” “Oh my god you sick fuck, why do you want to see that, its not enough for you to see us naked, you don’t care how attractive we are, you’re so desperate to see your first vagina that you put a camera in the toilet where I change my tampon and wipe my arse, just so you can zoom in on my cunt while I go for a piss. “Oh my god what have you done to her you idiot” “don’t worry” came the cool response, quite out of tune with the panicked nature of the room, “she’s just a recovering from the biggest orgasm she’s aver had”.

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