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#44855 - When I am all the way in I let her get used to my size and I pull out and thrust back in hard and fast I tell her to hold on to the desk and I begin fucking her hard and fast I reach up and pinch her nipple I feel the walls of her pussy quiver and I tell her that she can’t cum without permission she is moaning and groaning and begging me to her cum I look at her asshole and know someone has been in it I stick my finger in her ass and tell her to cum and when she does she is squeezing my dick so hard I can’t move he walls are milking me and I feel my balls draw up I grab her by the hair and push her head into the desk as I cum and cum hard she is asking if she can cum again and I tell her go for it then I feel like she has pissed on me, cum is all over both of us and I laugh when T looks at me I tell him man she is a squitter he laughs. She begins licking the head when he tells her to get to it she takes him in her mouth and she does do better although I can see she is gagging some I a

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She is so cute and so hot
Guan yinping
Das darfst mit meinem schwanz auch gern machen
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She is sexy