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#224055 - He didn’t remain immobile for long before getting off of the bed and grabbing his phone and falling back onto the bed, unlocking his phone and opening up the messenger app and scrolling up in his most recent conversation. ” Todd was confused, “Were we not having the moment where that happens? You said to…” Emi laughed for a moment before looking down at him, “This is your first time isn’t it?” “I’ve clearly had sex…” “No I mean using a dating app for sex. This is not an accurate depiction of most tinder dates at all! If this story is well received I have a few ideas with how to continue it further on, but I’ll ask for anybody that enjoyed it, would you rather see more development to get to the sex or rather mainly just sex? I’ll always include a solid amount of content, but I’m curious if people actually want to read more about how Todd gets these girls (again these are not definite ways to get dates or anything like that and I’m not a girl so I can’t tell you anything besides som

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