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#271115 - I turned the computer off and just sat there quietly for I’m not sure how long. -“So, how do you feel since yesterday, are you experiencing any pain? “What do you mean?”… -“I mean any physical pain, does anything hurt or do you have some lasting discomfort?” “Please be honest, you know my rules…” he said looking straight at me “Yes, I do have some pain between my legs, mostly from the rubbing, the skin is still a bit red…” I answered, hoping that it was enough information to satisfy him -“What else?” “My,… my anus is still really tender, I have a burning sensation there and it hurts when I sit down for too long. I was happy that he was in a good mood, and figured that we can just go on with our day from here on without making a big deal about last night.

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Koishi komeiji
Very well done drop rate and my hentais
Yuko omori
Anyone got a name looks exactly like a chick i fucked off tinder once