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#318788 - . He kissed her hard once more and replied, Okay, you're right, we gotta hurry in, but do me just one favor, and after looking around to make sure no one was nearby, he begged, please just lift your dress and let me see your pussy and ass!!! Y-you're crazy, she sputtered, no way am I gonna show my butt for everyone to see!!! Look, he said in desperation, there's nobody around and it will only take a second, and you know I won't go in until you do it!!! Good god,she said while scanning the lot one last time, all right, but I'm only gonna hold it up for a second, so if you don't see it that's tough!!! With an absolutely ravenous look on his face Jack watched as his beautiful wife slowly lifted the hem of her dress high above her waist, exposing her panty clad pussy and bottom to his hungry eyes!!! Okay, big boy, she said softly, get a good look cuz that's all you get until we get home!!! She was giving him a longer look than

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