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#207905 - “I’m glad you decided not to run away, my feisty baby” he sneered, grinning wickedly “after all, I still need to suck you dry!” and then he revealed his unnaturally long fangs, before fiercely burying them in Alana’s neck… * With a loud gasp, Alana sprung out of the covers. Alana felt every fibre in her body scream in ecstasy as she climaxed, shouting out Luke’s name while her whole body arched, her toes curled and her legs tensed; releasing a sea of fluid from her cunt, being lead by her “dildo”. Great, she thought, now even thinking hurts… So Alana lay there, focusing on getting rid of her headache, continuously rubbing her sore temples with her hand while wishing for it to go away.

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