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#47507 - I never was a popular kid or the most social out there, so my social circle was small at best only had a few close friends from another part of town. I told her I had no condoms around and she said that she didn't care she wanted dick in her now! she then pulled her skirt up to reveal a crotchless Black thong with red lace edges and leaned against the tree with her ass pointed out towards me and that is when I lined up and rubbed my cock against her lips noticing she was dripping wet so I slowly started to stroke myself moving the tip of my cock against her lips and would touch her clit, she was beyond ready to fuck as she demanded I slide it deep into her.

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Itachi uchiha
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Li xinlin | feng yife
I would love if she edges me like that thats so impressiv this mean but playfull style i totaly like it 3