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#245782 - He looked at his father’s huge beer belly and thought to himself “How can mom fuck this thing, he is disgusting, but luckily that won’t be a problem soon,” and continued on his way. Bart reached down and fiddled with the elastic band for a minute, and dropped his underwear too… “Holy crap, boy! Your dick is still that small! Man, no wonder you are always acting up, it is pathetic”. (WARNING THIS STORY IS EXTREMLY HARDCORE! IT IS MAINLY COMICAL IM NOT INTO THE KIND OF STUFF IN THIS STORY IT IS A JOKE BUT A VERY VERY SICK ONE AT THAT PROCEDE WITH CAUTION!) ps: i ment to say im making a new porn MOVIE for the simpsons sorry for the error in pt6 “Please Principal Skinner, just don’t call Homer.

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