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#165402 - We had been there about 3 days, when one morning I slept a bit late and T and D had gone fishing, V was in the kitchen bit of the tent, washing dishes in a portable sink, she had a tight Tshirt and shorts on, and from my sleeping position, I had a fantastic view of her ass. Later that month we broke up for the summer holidays, and I started spending a load more time round at T’s house, and that was when I really went mad over V, I would spend most of the day trying to hide my boner, which was now nearly 6 1/2 inches, and quite thick, not massive but I was happy with it! One Saturday V asked me if I wanted to come camping with them, I jumped at the chance and the next week we all set off for the coast. V by this time had finished changing and was tidying up, totally unaware of the mess I had got myself into.

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