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#98735 - Rikimarue says Ok, you and your Son can live with me, my place is very big, there's more than enough room for you and your Son and I'll report that I did kill the enemy but there were no Human Women here , under the cover of darkness they go to Rikimarues house. The second thing she notices is that she's no longer in the factory, she has no idea where she is, it a very big rectangular room with red walls, a red ceiling and a grey cement floor. Then he says The best part is everyone thinks your dead so no one will ever look for you , Ayame says Do your worst you won't break me , Rikimarue laughs and says Oh I'm not going to do anything to you but I know some demons that love raping Taimanin and their going to pay me large sums of money to do it .

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Rika furude
Who is umg how do i go about playing music with out getting in trouble
Kyara botsu
Should start using some gel or some kind of lubrification