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#46096 - Nice to see you again, Virna, Lindsey greeted her, I hope you will enjoy your evening with us! Mmmmm, Virna hummed, I hope so too, it's been a long time since you've had any fresh talent! I'm sure you will be more than satisfied, replied Lindsey easily, Erin is a very talented young lady!!! Turning towards the stairs leading to the second floor, Lindsey summoned Erin to the living room. She slid her had down to her crotch where she began rubbing her clit in pace with the sucking of her breast! Virna was now almost hysterical with lust! Lindsey was eating her pussy, while expertly avoiding her emblazoned clit, which coupled with the nipple in her mouth was driving her almost insane with desire! With a mouth full of tit, Virna begged Lindsey to finish her off, so the dyke bitch pulled her mouth away from the steaming cunt, and in one quick stroke, buried the ten inch satisfier deep into the pussy of the now quaking woman! When the huge dildo bottomed out, Vi

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