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#38347 - So now were at the drive-in got the popcorn and were parked in the back somewhere Suzie Q looks over and asks Billy so when are you going to fuck me I look up and say you in a hurry to have a hard cock stuffed in that little pussy of yours Suzie and she damned right I am I want my big cocked hunk of a brother take my virginity and make me his fuck toy I look at her and she has her dress up and a finger working her clit. Twenty minutes latter were in my car and on the way to the drive-in but buggers first as we stop at the A&W and get burgers, fries and cokes the car hope says hi Billy what you and Suzie doing all dressed up so I say well the sitter and my date coped out tonight so Suzie Q here is my date for the drive-in tonight the car hop going for the young stuff now uh Billy? I just say well were both tired of the house and this at least different right. She grabs my hand and said come on then big boy I got a hot date as were going upstairs I think you know I just maybe in troubl

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Mayoi hachikuji
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