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#395975 - please let me go. A fine spray of crystal clear water washes out her empty body cavity clean she is then moved to the next laser rotated ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ a laser sliced down her left and right side only deep enough to cut the skin only, another mechanical claw came forth ripping the skin frim Lina's dead body, when that was done Lina was moved to the next laser and rotated again for the final cut, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Lina was split in half from pussy to neck. Screaming can be heard from the holding pens as the girls hear the numbers being called to fill the order, Are we slaughtering them here or sending them alive? Jessica asked Slaughtering them now on the Spartan 5000, lets get them loaded we can send it all 20 at once he said as Charlie and Jessica helped to load the girls into position on the machine 3 of the girls start to make a run for it toward the emergency exit RUNNER LIGHTS OUT!! Yelled Jessica and the lights went out, all 3 girls trip, fall to the

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Reiko katherine akimoto
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Ramza beoulve
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