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#395638 - I had already learnt that the female teachers loved complements such as their hair always looked nice or their eyes make them look mysterious, but a complement on their clothing always got me a gold star and a lovely smile. Julia set out the work and left the classroom returning just before the bell sounded everyone handed in their books and left, l stay sat at my desk waiting to be told by Julia to follow her to the old prefab classrooms, but today she didn’t Julia locked the door and sat on the edge of her desk beckoned me over with her finger we began kissing, she broke from our kiss and asked if l would like to go to the cinema that evening, don’t be silly l thought and straight away answered “Yeah!”, Julia had booked the 6. Easing my shaft from her sticky dripping pussy she stay laid across the desk my spunk and her juices were running down Julia’s inner thighs, after she had cleaned herself l left the classroom looking forward to going to the cinema that evening.

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