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#51834 - Carly told Elaine that she could clean her face with her and Carla's hairy bushes so she did and I started to get an erection again, after all I'm a normal horny guy, the upshot of this episode was that the women asked me to move in with them as I was just what they were looking for, me being such a dominant guy and all of them being so submissive so I said OK but I have conditions, which they readily agreed to; You must ALWAYS be naked in the house, You must NEVER sit/stand with your legs together, When you are sitting you must always sit barefoot with the soles of your feet flat together, You must also make sure you lift your skirt up at the back and sit on your bare arse, You must NEVER shave ANY hair, from ANY WHERE, When we are out in public you must ALWAYS bend OVER, and NOT bend DOWN for whatever reason, If your skirt blows up in the wind or your blouse opens up, LEAVE IT, I can punish you any way I want whether you have misbehaved or not, You do not

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