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#260434 - I replied Stop talking Its ok I think I'm going to have to bend you over my knee and spank your bottom! Looking at him In a kind off shocked he laughed I'm joking unless you want me to Feeling so horny by playing on his bed I just went over and bend over his knee he now was the shocked looking one this ok for you I asked yeah that's fine He replied not expecting me to do It. He pulled me up to his face and started kissing my neck and then my lips he then he pulled me on top of him and I pushed his cock Inside my pussy It was so tight and wet and I put my knee's up and pushed on his chest whilst I bounced on his cock we were both moaning so loud It felt amazing and was going so deep I dug my nails Into his chest as It was that Intense we were going for about 15 minutes when he pushed me off and said Bend over and get your arse In the air He pushed his cock In my pussy with no warning and started going back and forth really fast then he pushed his finger

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Insane abs and cameltoe xx
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My pussy is so wet