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#96144 - I shut my eyes again and started stroking faster letting out genuine but well placed soft moans of pleasure trying to let him know on some level that if he didn’t move he would get a little more than he bargained for. At first I thought he was going to go run and tell someone and I was ready to pull up my pants and just pretend nothing happened but when I saw him turn and look both ways down the hall and closed the door then turn back to me looking super excited, I could only imagine the thoughts going through Leo’s head thinking he actually managed to hypnotize me. “Ethan, can you hear me?” he questioned softly still unsure and I simply nodded my head in response, “uh stand up” he commanded, I sprang straight up like an army cadet standing at attention keeping my eyes closed, “now… touch your stomach” Leo commanded again and I did, “and stand on one leg” he demanded and I did that as well.

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Inaho misora
Tight pussy and every thing i am in need right now better than ever
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Glad you like it
Wow is beautiful