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#410654 - Britt was the exception to the rule, in that she had already done some research on several colleges that might be of interest to her, so it made her job much easier. Miss Ames began rubbing Britt's shoulders, working her fingers into the spots where the bra straps had been cutting into her skin, and as she relaxed, the young teacher massaged her sore shoulders, causing Britt to close her eyes while enjoying the feel of her teacher’s warm hands on her body!!! Miss Ames leaned forward and whispered softly into Britt's e?}?ar, How does that feel, is it relaxing? Mmmmm, yes, sighed Britt, her chest heaving with each breath, it feels a whole lot better! Her cunt, now becoming a raging inferno, Miss Ames decided to take a chance, she knew it this went badly she would be in a lot of trouble, but she was so turned on she just had to try it! Britt, she asked, you have such a pretty chest and nipples, I was just wondering if you like having them sucked on!?! Now holding her b

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