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#240146 - So I again took off my trunks and started to move my hand up and down my cock I looked at Chris and saw him staring at my cock, I slow started to pump harder and harder until I started to tense up, Chris was only a foot away from me now and then it came I covered Chris and me with sticky white stuff. After a while I got to know a boy called Chris he was 13 brownish hair with blonde highlights, he wasn’t really thin but wasn’t chubby, his ass was nice and round which I love to look at and his little bulge in his Speedos were to die for. After he licked off all the cum he knelt down and started to lick my cock and eventually put his mouth over it and went up and down, this continued for about 5 minutes and then I started to tense up again and shot my load in his mouth, he swallowed the first two shoots but he could take any more and took my cock out of his mouth.

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Rinne inaba
Nigga imagine just tryna play some games and then your bro just starts pounding you
Tempera sumi
Shes thicv