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#211258 - ” Oh no! Those words weren’t expected A terrifying turn of events “But the deal is,” he adds “co-operate, “And we could dispense with taking such lengths. ” “I suppose you should know where we’re going” There’s a sinister tone to his voice “It’s to meet some sex-hungry convicts If you want to …. But I’m sure he’ll be kind and extract your gag Before extracting your screams Your cavorting will cause the gang’s passions to rise You’ll be the red-hot girl of their dreams” Your mind is a maelstrom in meltdown Straight thinking now torn up in shreds It consumes and diverts your attention You don’t notice they’re spreading your legs Your “socks” have neat little eye-hooks The van has bars either side The tension is steadily building Tight ropes hold your legs open wide Then hands with intent of wrong-doing Pull down on the base of your thong You feel a hard foreign object Probing where it don’t belong Unable to stop its intrusion It relentlessly slides into pl

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