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#170256 - Lincoln is waiting to meet you!?! I'm ready, Stevie replied, I hope she likes me, I have to admit that I'm a little nervous!!! Don't worry about a thing, Britt replied, she's already seen your resume' and photo, so as long as you don't drool all over yourself you should be all right, okay then, let's go!!! Ms. Lincoln, I'd like you to meet Stevie, we just hired her today and hope that she meets with your approval, Britt explained!!! Eyeing the young girl with more than a casual interest, Jenna Lincoln said, It's very nice to meet you Stevie, and I must say that your picture doesn't do you justice, you're much more beautiful in the flesh!!! Thank you very much, ma'am, Stevie replied softly, I hope you will be happy with my services!!! I'm sure that I will, dear, the executive replied, did Brittany here go over all of your duties with you!?! Uh, yes, ma'am, I think so, Stevie replied!!! Good,

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