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#297495 - Pulling away to catch their breath, both women looked down at Cassie's groin and stared in wonder at what Cassie termed her surprise package, and Tommi moaned out loud, God, it's big, as her small hand gripped Cassie's eight inch erection!!! It was a true eight inches, and thick as a woman's wrist, a true surprise package if there ever was one!!! Seeing a cock on a beautiful woman is a surprise, but seeing what was just below it was mind blowing, because you see, Cassie was a true hermaphrodite, the rarest of the rare, someone with both male an female sexual organs!!! Ever since she was a little girl she had hidden the secret that lay between her firm thighs, that being that she had both a huge coc?k, and a tight little pussy!!! As Tommi fisted Cassie's pecker, the look was absolutely incongruous, a twenty eight year old beauty with what amounted to a tree truck sprouting from her groin!!! The strange thing was, that when ever she had sex, both her penis an

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