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#257761 - Paula sensed it too, and all at once felt the urge to suck all of the cum out of this magnificent organ. Stand up and get over here, he ordered, all the time keeping his eyes glued to her body. Finally she offered, I have money, you can have it all, just get out, and leave me alone! He laughed a derisive harsh laugh, and spat, You rich bitches always think that money can buy you everything, well, bitch, this time it can't! W-where are you going to take me, she stammered, the cold hard facts now beginning to take shape in her mind? Just keep driving, I'll tell ya when to stop, he ordered, and just remember, I can take ya out any fucking time I like!!! They drove for about twenty minutes, with Paula following the directions her kidnapper gave to her.

Read Fucking Sex donoko to asobu? | 要和哪个孩子玩? Hardcore Sex donoko to asobu? | 要和哪个孩子玩?

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