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#8324 - Again using my Goa'uld voice I say These 10 guards are not here for my protection they are here to settle any disputes you may have with your fellow Nerothians and keep the peace . My Nerothians watch in shock as my personal forcefield stops every single staff blast and zat shot, my guards keep firing for about a minute before I raise my hand and they stop firing, I can hear my Nerothians say Not even the weapons of the gods can harm him, he truely is all powerful . Although the Goa'uld can never regain the power and status we once had I do take comfort in knowing that everyone thinks the System Lords have fallen and that no Goa'uld is posing as a god so I'm in no danger of ever being hunted by the Tau'ri, free Jaffa and the Tok'ra and knowing that I have all eternity to enjoy being worshiped as a god by my Nerothians.

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