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#173530 - aiming to be at Les's around 6 pm Saturday night as planned, a few cars already there, as we walked to his play room, Les all to happy to see us again, was naked and hard, my mouth found his cock, and I began to play, as I did a cock filled my pussy, as Grant was bent over and used. When I though I might be able to stand, I got them to let me loose, my legs only just held me with help, then they gave out, so I lay down, with a smile I said who wants to clean me off. Then I must have blacked out, the next thing I knew was his cock ripping me a new hole, I took more poppers, my head saying get him out, my butt saying keep going, I have never had any thing this big in me, the head felt like it was a saucer, the shaft a basball bat, but my anus was on fire, I held on tight gritting my teeth.

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