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#302870 - I am afraid this will be the last time I am able to see you, Lana said, Father and mother will be here within a day or so. Jonathan had to think quick as he always had, if anything came out before anything was ready he could kiss his ass good bye, sure he was powerful more than any other mage, but that wasn't any good when you were against 1 to 2 hundred others almost as powerful, they might not get him at first, hell he might even kill half of them but there were too many that had been around far longer than him. The wind started to blow a little in the room Jonathan back up as his father's party started to appear, just like father he thought always making a scene even when it wasn't necessary.

Read Tiny Girl Bakunyuu Kaseifu Ayame-san | 爆乳家政婦阿亞美小姐 Tugjob Bakunyuu Kaseifu Ayame-san | 爆乳家政婦阿亞美小姐

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